Friday, April 12, 2013

My Must Have Game of 2013: The Last of Us (PS3)

With such a simple yet elegant title "The Last of Us" grabs your interest and never lets go. I have been excited about this game for a while now and with graphics and game-play like what I have seen so far I cannot imagine any other game that would surpass my pick for "Must have game of 2013."

In the game you play as Joel, a sort of post-apocalyptic courier between controlled safe zones. He is a hardened survivor and has been tasked with smuggling Ellie out of Boston for a reason that all of us will have to wait to find out. Joel and Ellie must be mindful of the bandits that are scattered about the wasteland of our fair country however, as the setting might suggest, this land of ours was decimated by something we could not control...que the zombies. Well sort of. They are zombies in the sense that they are homicidal maniacs with no regard for human life, but the infection in this game is in the mushroom kingdom type. This fungus infects the host and transforms them through stages and that is what gives you a variety of enemies to watch for. Don't take my word for it though. Check out some of these screen shots (taken from around the web) and then play the the videos below for a sneak peak at this incredible looking game. Then go pre-order it! The release date is June 14th.


There are a host of other vids out there. Check out the footage from PAX east for the most recent.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obama vs. Romney - Round 2

Tonight our eyes and ears will be treated to a political battle between two men trying to convince a nation  that they are the right man for the top job in our government. The format is going to be a Town Hall debate with members of the audience asking the candidates questions in front of the country. Should be entertaining and hopefully educational. No scripts here or teleprompters. Romney has enjoyed a boost from the last debate and will be looking to continue that momentum. I hope we hear more specifics on his tax & deficit plan as well as his energy plan. Obama is going to be more aggressive in his rhetoric and much more assertive with Romney. I hope to hear more about Obama's plan for the next 4 years because so far he has only defended his last 4 years and said that he needs more time. America needs some concrete answers. Alas, these are politicians we are talking about where exaggerations, omissions, and ambiguity are the norm. My advice might be to simply cover your ears and see who 'acts' better. All stone throwing aside, this is another important moment in a string of important moments for this country and we all have to do what we think is best for us and our families. Just voting says you care.

One quote I came across a few weeks ago keeps me thinking: "In this election its feels like you have to choose between a better job or a better world."

What do you think? Which ideal would you pick? Or do the two go hand in hand?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden-Ryan VP Debate - Who won?

Let me first say that I did not watch the debate in its entirety. Why? Well because they are veeps, not presidential candidates. They are just stumping as usual. The only difference is that they have a national audience to woo one way or the other. The clips I saw were actually humorous to me! In short, neither of them did anything positive or negative to sway polls. Typical of a veep debate. It just primes us for Tuesday's showdown between Barack and Mitt. So here are my questions to you all....

Was there a clear winner?

Would Ryan or Biden make a good Prez if he had to step in?

Does either candidate help undecided voters decide?

Where to stream The Walking Dead Season 3 episodes

This is gonna be good
If you are like me and decided to buck the Cable TV giants off your pocketbook by dropping tv programming from your bill and keep the internet only, then this post is for you. I was trolling the interwebs this week trying to find a 'good' way to watch this season and stumbled across Amazon's Instant Video service. Essentially this works like Hulu where you log in and pick your episode to stream. There is a charge per episode or you can buy a season TV pass where you get all the episodes for a slight discount. Where the pay off really comes in is for the owners of a Roku player. A Roku box is a basically an internet TV device that hooks to your HD tv and they have an Amazon channel that gives you your fix on the big screen instead of your PC or laptop. Here is the link to the Amazon site and if you want to check out Roku (I have 2 and they rock) just visit

It's Zombie season people!

Blog Name Change

Oh yeah that blog title says what you think it says. We are going to go where no blog has gone before...I think! Couple that with the realization that I have never seen a blog title with zombie and politics in the same line and it becomes clear that his is going to be a fun change of pace. So that's it for this post. Let's get some commentary going on any new posts. Including this one... :)