Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obama vs. Romney - Round 2

Tonight our eyes and ears will be treated to a political battle between two men trying to convince a nation  that they are the right man for the top job in our government. The format is going to be a Town Hall debate with members of the audience asking the candidates questions in front of the country. Should be entertaining and hopefully educational. No scripts here or teleprompters. Romney has enjoyed a boost from the last debate and will be looking to continue that momentum. I hope we hear more specifics on his tax & deficit plan as well as his energy plan. Obama is going to be more aggressive in his rhetoric and much more assertive with Romney. I hope to hear more about Obama's plan for the next 4 years because so far he has only defended his last 4 years and said that he needs more time. America needs some concrete answers. Alas, these are politicians we are talking about where exaggerations, omissions, and ambiguity are the norm. My advice might be to simply cover your ears and see who 'acts' better. All stone throwing aside, this is another important moment in a string of important moments for this country and we all have to do what we think is best for us and our families. Just voting says you care.

One quote I came across a few weeks ago keeps me thinking: "In this election its feels like you have to choose between a better job or a better world."

What do you think? Which ideal would you pick? Or do the two go hand in hand?

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  1. "I hope we hear more specifics on his tax & deficit plan as well as his energy plan."
    Romney/Ryan can't produce a balanced budget plan for their first term. We know President Obama can't/hasn't.

    Romney is about as conservative as President Obama, based on the plans he has produced. If anybody would like to convince me Romney is conservative, I'm all ears/eyes.

    "No scripts here or teleprompters."
    Yup, those were left at the RNC and DNC conventions. Tonight will be, which candidate can talk and sound the best, without addressing any legitimate issues. It doesn't matter if you can balance the budget (neither of these can, and neither have provided the plan to do so their first/second term).

    The fact his site has Zombies and Politics in its title, should be a REQUIREMENT to mention Vermin Supreme in every single political post. Did you not watch the last video I linked?

    Is this an important moment? No, it's not. That moment has passed for now. Both of these candidates have no record to run on. They don't. Gov. Romney changes positions wherever the wind blows, and President Obama spends time golfing, filling out his NCAA brackets, and sending his family on European vacations while Americans have been sitting at home, filling out unemployment papers, and practicing the art of "staycations" these last few years.

    If you're only going to vote for a presidential candidate in November, your time would probably be better off playing a video game, reading, volunteering in your community, or calling your Congressman/Senator for a start.