Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden-Ryan VP Debate - Who won?

Let me first say that I did not watch the debate in its entirety. Why? Well because they are veeps, not presidential candidates. They are just stumping as usual. The only difference is that they have a national audience to woo one way or the other. The clips I saw were actually humorous to me! In short, neither of them did anything positive or negative to sway polls. Typical of a veep debate. It just primes us for Tuesday's showdown between Barack and Mitt. So here are my questions to you all....

Was there a clear winner?

Would Ryan or Biden make a good Prez if he had to step in?

Does either candidate help undecided voters decide?


  1. I didn't watch it. Haven't even seen a highlight clip of it yet (same with the first debate). Being that I have read their records, and know their plans (or lack thereof), I don't need to waste my time with the hot air out of their mouths. They are the same, IMO.

    $16 trillion in debt, and neither side has a plan to balance the budget their first (or second) term? Seriously? How are they even legitimate candidates? Who thinks, "These guys a legit, they care about me." on either side?

    Then again, I have worked with the general public for the last year+, NOTHING surprises me, other than the fact we have made it this far.

    1. I tend to agree. The partisan lines in Washington are so deep now that crossing over is near impossible.

  2. Oh, and if you don't know, you should vote for this guy: